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25-Jul-2016 | Others

CEO of the Ericsson Hans Vestberg steps down with immediate effect

On Monday Swedish mobile Ericsson's Chief Executive Hans Vestberg has stepped down with an immediate effect.

22-Jul-2016 | Technology

Corning launches Gorilla Glass 5, can survive drops from 1.6 meters

It has become one of the basic needs to have a mobile device in a pocket. But what happens when it falls from a height? The screen is gone forever and the device is no more in use.

22-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverage

Market of luxurious food items

Food is eat by many to feed the stomach, by some to stay healthy and by few to get a luxurious feel of it and felt precious about it. The third type of food comes under luxurious food items.

21-Jul-2016 | Others

Una Case, Dalit flogging: anger spills over streets, 9 more try to end lives

In Una case Dalit beating as a result, total Wednesday the Gujarat bandh called by Dalit groups. Protester came out on the street, attacking public transport, downing shutters, halting trains and vehicle traffic. Police Said

21-Jul-2016 | Others

Ted Cruz stops short of supporting to Donald Trump at GOP convention

Trump entered into convention hall for speech but he was distracting the crowd from his former opponent.

20-Jul-2016 | Business Services & Administration

Luxurious items and effect on economy

Average human beings go for the items which are in budget and serve the purpose too. However there are items which are possessed by many for the rarity connected to it and the prestige it carries.

20-Jul-2016 | Business Services & Administration

Future of paper industry

Paper is being used in many industries as a raw material or for packaging and paper is sold directly to the end consumers for stationary or toiletry purpose. Paper industry gets its huge demand from paper media or print media like magazines, books, news papers etc.

Though electronic books are coming up, electronic media is growing, even audio books are available, manufacturers are fin ...

19-Jul-2016 | Others

Pokémon GO’es viral on social media

Pokémon GO yet to launch in India still country has lot of craze about game. Pokémon GO has launched on July 6, it captures the world’s imaginations than ever before.

19-Jul-2016 | Others

Malcolm Turnbull is confirmed as Australian PM for another term

The country transitions from asylum-seeker policies, mining investment boom and focus on job creation and diversifying the economy and a plan to hold a referendum on gay marriage. Turnbull campaigned on his economic recommendation.

18-Jul-2016 | Others

Qandeel Baloch: honor killing

On the sensational death of the model Qandeel Baloch's honour killing controversial reactions has given by Pakistan's social media.