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19-Aug-2016 | Others

Chelsea Clinton represents her mother Hillary Clinton at Democratic National Convention

On Thursday Chelsea Clinton took the stage of the Democratic National Convention to represent her mother Hillary Clinton as playful, smart, loving, and woman and most qualified to elect as president of the United States.

01-Aug-2016 | Technology

Facebook says it’s running out of places in News Feed to show people ads

Facebook is about to max out on the number of ads it can show users inside its flagship product, which means it will need to find other ways to grow the company's ad business moving forward.

01-Aug-2016 | Technology

New player in the smart phones market

While the growth in the global smartphone market is witnessing stagnancy after a frenetic few years, a little-known Chinese smartphone maker, OPPO, is making heads turn. 

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) report, OPPO shipped 22.6 million smartphones in the April-June quarter, a 136.6 percent increase from a year ago. OPPO held a global market share of 6.6 per ...

28-Jul-2016 | Others

Obama: Hillary Clinton is most qualified candidate to be US President

NEW DELHI: On Wednesday night US President Barack Obama criticized Donald Trump on creating fear among others and said Hillary Clinton is most qualified person to be US President.

28-Jul-2016 | Others

Barack Obama said, I have aged but not First Lady, “Michelle”

PHILADELPHIA: On Thuresday US President Barack Obama said, “in his eight years of presidency he have aged, but not his "brilliant wife" Michelle who continues to inspire him and nation as the First Lady.’

US President Brack Obama, 54, said, “Twelve year ago tonight I have talked this convention for the very first time," as his talk to thousands of his ...

28-Jul-2016 | Others

Brazil: Dilma Rousseff refuses Rio Olympics 2016 opening ceremony

Rio de Janeiro: officials said Dilma Rousseff, Brazil's suspended president and her forerunner and left wing Brazil’s suspended president will refuse the opening ceremony at the Rio Olympics.

27-Jul-2016 | Others

China condemn tensions over South China Sea issue on others

Beijing: Wang Yi, Chinese Foreign Minister criticized countries such as, Japan, Australia and United States for a joint statement on the South China Sea. He said countries have to help them to solve matter with mutual bilateral rather than that they stimulating matter on South China Sea issue.

26-Jul-2016 | Others

UN invalidate decision to keep out press freedom regulator

About total 40 countries has been voted in favour of decision. Five countries voted opposite to Zimbabwe, China, Rwanda, Russia and Vietnam while Bangladesh, India, Algeria, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Pakistan refuse to vote.

26-Jul-2016 | Others

9 militants killed in Dhaka attack: police reported

Police chief said, Dhaka, Bangladesh capital has been raided a five-story building on Tuesday which has killed nine suspected Islamic militants.

25-Jul-2016 | Others

China: South Korea’s THAAD anti-missile decision may destroy mutual trust

According to news reports on Monday, THAAD, A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense interceptor is launched during a successful intercept test photos made available by U.S. Department of Defense, Missile Defense Agency.