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23-Feb-2017 | Information

Growing Online Shopping Trend Is Developing Growth Opportunities For Cross-Border E-Commerce Market

We are into the 21st century where the whole world has been evolving around the digital technologies. From a hairpin to a huge stone crusher, each and everything can be purchased and sold through online medium. Online selling and purchasing business termed as E-commerce business is the major profitable segment of this digital age. Who won’t love to sit back at the couch and buy whatever y ...

23-Feb-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Factors Influencing The Global Market For Durable Juvenile Products

Durable juvenile products are the products used by children. The range of various durable juvenile products generally consists of strollers, car safety seats, prams, cribs, cots, baby carriers, nursery furniture and other products. The vital reason to boost the market for the durable juvenile product is the safety, comfort, convenience, and ease offered by these products. The market is also pro ...

15-Feb-2017 | Agriculture

As An Alternative to Fossil Fuels, Bioalcohols Market to Boost

Bioalcohols are playing a vital role in shielding the environment from global warming and greenhouse gases. Bioalcohols are alcohols that are generated biologically. Few of the well-known bioalcohols include ethanol, propanol, and butanol. They are formed by the action of enzymes and microorganisms via the fermentation process of starches or sugars. Fermentation of cellulose can also generate b ...

15-Feb-2017 | Medical Devices

Pampers Invents World's Smallest Diaper For Premature Babies Boosting The Global Baby Diaper Market

Pampers, the leading company in the manufacturing of baby diapers, has now invented the world’s smallest diapers. This invention is a company’s step towards helping the premature babies. This has boosted the global baby diaper market. But this was not the only reason behind the growth of the global market.

15-Feb-2017 | Healthcare

International Safety Standards For Photovoltaic Modules Ease The Way Into The Global Photovoltaic Market

The photovoltaic module installations benefit the commercial businesses and residential homeowners in terms of environmental, financial savings, brand marketing, and others. The PV installations have shown a swift increase in its utilization since 2015 as per the Mercom Capital Group.

07-Feb-2017 | Electrical

Growing electric car would damage the oil market

Electric cars are flourishing in the market. Majority of the auto giants have rapidly shifted their focus towards the electric car technology and have mostly acquired the market with their efficient products. However it might not be a good scenario for the oil manufacturers, as the personal car is one of the major drivers of the oil market.

It has been observed that cars that are powe ...

07-Feb-2017 | Technology

Researchers make interaction with smartwatches easier by developing new ways

Are you a smartwatch user? Do you find it difficult to interact with your smartwatch? Then these new ways developed by a research team can help you communicate and control your smartwatch in a much easier way. Let's take a look at the modifications.

Using the Sony and LG smartwatches, the researcher team of Georgia Institute of Technology developed improvements, which will enable ...

07-Feb-2017 | Business Services & Administration

An insurance giant and health system combinedly wobble up the insurance market

Insurance is termed as a chief investment no matter what object or subject is insured under the plan. Insurance is also a mandatory guideline directed by government due to its significance. For a quick understanding about the insurance, go through any of the brochures provided by the insurance company and read it very keenly. As a conclusion you will come through many complex calculations and w ...

08-Sep-2016 | Others

Australia marks 25 years of unbroken economic growth

Australia's economy grew by 0.5 % in the June quarter with an upswing in government spending offsetting a fall in net exports as the nation marked 25 years of uninterrupted economic expansion. 

22-Aug-2016 | Others

History creates in the Democratic conference by transgender activist

PHILADELPHIA: On Thursday Sarah McBride became the first openly transgender parson to talk to a national US political party conference, said, Democrats that White House nominee Hillary Clinton" understands the urgency" of the fight for equality.