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05-Apr-2017 | Electronic Device

Smart Lights to Become Largest Iot Devices in Next 5–10 Years in The Indian LED Lightings Devices Markets

Looking at a number of cities turning themselves into a Smart City, the government has also taken up the initiative of lighting the city using “smart lights.” Looking at the overall change around us, it is not far away when the luminescent bulbs and CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamps) will be replaced by the smart lights in the coming years. It is going to be one of the largest ...

05-Apr-2017 | Automobile

Cash Crunch Hit Hard to Automobile And Tractor Market In India

The sudden call out of demonetization made every individual searched his homes to pull out that 500 and 100 currency notes. Though government reaped loads of financial benefits in form taxes and pending bills, but the tycoon from private sector witnessed major loss in terms of revenue. The condition is now under control and the bank employees are bit relieved. 

29-Mar-2017 | Electronic Device

Hackathon By KONE to Boost The Global Elevators Market

KONE, the leading company in the manufacturing of elevators, introduced an Elevator Hackathon. This Hackathon is powered by IBM and HackerEarth. The main motive of this event is to challenge the developers to develop a smart elevator. This will not only lead to the invention of an innovative elevator but also boost the global elevators market. Let us have a look at the other factors driving the ...

29-Mar-2017 | Others

Myntra’s First Roadster Lifestyle Brand Retail Store Will Help The Online Shopping Market Boom In 2017

Myntra is one of the well known online as well as offline shopping players. As Myntra is gaining momentum, it is sure to set a mark in the global market as well. Looking at the rising sale of its products, the company along with its franchisees has set up a retail store in Bengaluru with its top selling lifestyle brand known as “Roadster.” The new store set up is going to take Myntr ...

20-Mar-2017 | Technology

Smart Locks”—The Intelligent Deadbolts That Help The Smart Lock Market Sustain

Here’s something we can add to enhance our security—In today’s world, all are devices are connected via the Internet right from the refrigerator to out vehicles. The need for smart locks has shot up due to the rising technology freaks around the globe. The market for the smart locks is growing due to the rising modernization in the security applications. For now, all eyes are ...

17-Mar-2017 | Medical Devices

UFP Expands Packaging Portfolio Boosting the Global Sterile Packaging Market

The global sterile packaging market has shown phenomenal growth over the last decade corresponding to the significant rise in the demand for biologics products. The global market finds more and more use in the packaging of medical supplies, medical equipment, and biological and pharmaceutical products due to its high presentation and clean properties. To satisfy this situation, UFP Technologies ...

17-Mar-2017 | Technology

Growing Demand For High-Class Vehicles Is Fostering The Global Hi-Fi System Market

Music is the only thing which keeps your brain intact, though you have loads of stress filled within. The vibrations and beats revolving around activate your soul and rejuvenate your mood. We are in the age where technology rapidly transforms itself into the upgraded version. Advancement in technologies has drastically changed the communicating methods and entertainment sources, specifically mu ...

14-Mar-2017 | Electrical

New Wireless Charging Rooms to Up Surge The Global Wireless Charging Ics Market

Technology has made much more advancements in every field. Electronic is one such field that has shown some outstanding technological improvements that has astonished the mankind. Well, there is now one more new addition to the list of technological advancements in the field of electronics. You will be able to charge your electronic device wirelessly. Well, you won’t need any wireless cha ...

07-Mar-2017 | Electronic Device

MWC 2017 to Boost The Global Smartphone Market

The Mobile World Congress 2017 has begun and it is much more awesome than imagined. The MWC is an event that is conducted every year. Companies from all over the world gather to showcase their gadgets, especially smartphones. This has resulted in one thing—the boost the global smartphone market. But the MWC is just a temporary reason for driving the global smartphone market. Let us have a ...

07-Mar-2017 | Transportation & Shipping

Hyperloop routes in India to ignite the transportation technology market

“Hyperloop” is a project in which different regions are connected via long vacuum tube or channels and have pod-like vehicles running at a pace of about 1200 Km/h. The system is the brainchild of Elon Musk, an entrepreneur. The main idea of starting up this project is to make transportation easier, faster, and at an affordable price. The company Hyperloop One believes in transitioni ...