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18-Jul-2017 | Electrical

Launch Of New Samsung Galaxy Note 8 To Surge The Global Tablet And Smartphone Market

Samsung, the leading tech giant, is all set to launch its new Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Even though the company has not revealed any specific details of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the certainty that this smartphone will be launched in 2017 has already boosted the global tablet and smartphone market. Let us see some more factors that have an impact on the global market. 

18-Jul-2017 | Electronic Device

Lenovo Is Setting Up Aggressive Plans to Augment Its Smartphone Portfolio in India Market

Jan Huckfeldt, CMO at Motorola, said, “Furiously planning to boost our product portfolio in Indian market. In an interview he said, “India is lucrative market Lenovo and ranks third in the global platform based on its potential and response so far.”
Below are the views of the Motorola CMO— Jan Huckfeldt, on Indian smartphone market.

13-Jul-2017 | Medical Devices

Increased Productivity and Efficiency to Upsurge the MPMS Market

Medical practice management software (MPMS) is wide-ranging healthcare software that is utilized in everyday processes of medical practices. The software stores, captures, transmits, and manages data associated with the health of people or the organizations’ activities that function within the healthcare domain. The software also assists in the incorporation of electronic health records t ...

13-Jul-2017 | Oil and Gas

Indian Petroleum Market to Experience Constant Changes in the Prices from Now

Currently, the Indian petroleum market is planning to bring about a drastic change in its working system so as to benefit from it. Earlier the state fuel retailers used to revise the fuel prices according to the average international fuel prices and currency exchange rate on the May 1 and May 16, 2017, of every month. India is molding the fuel market as per the advanced markets.

23-Jun-2017 | Others

People Practicing Gardening Methods to Great Beautiful Landscape Is Driving the Growth of The Global Tree Trimmers Market

Growing urbanization and people emphasizing more on improving aesthetic appeal of their homes or properties has created great demand for gardening equipment.

23-Jun-2017 | Electrical

Preference for Apple Devices to boost the Global Tablet and Smartphone Market

Recently, the Cupertino-based technological giant Apple disclosed it profit for the second quarter of 2017. The company earned a total income of $52.9 Billion in the quarterly revenue. All thanks to the rise in the sale of the latest devices of the company—Apple AirPods and Apple iPhone 7 as well as 7 Plus. This not only bolstered the profit chart of the company but also fueled the global ...

16-Jun-2017 | Electrical

There Is a Ninefold Escalation In Mobile Internet Usage in India

Mobile Internet is the thing people can’t just live without in today’s era. Most of the people, especially youngsters, are addicted to their smartphone due to the cost effective Internet packages and various apps such as Messenger, WhatsApp, and others easy availability.

16-Jun-2017 | Electronic Device

Intel Claims Driverless Vehicle Will Have A Powerful Impact in Global Market Economy

A review from Intel and some research firm affirms that autonomous vehicles will be $7 Trillion worth of economy with new efficiencies every year by 2050. These financial activities, as per the report, will incorporate about $3 Trillion from autonomous delivery and logistics and other $4 Trillion from driverless ride-hailing. 

06-Jun-2017 | Automobile

Leading Indian Oil Companies Prepare to Boom the Electric Vehicle Market In 2017

India plans to reach its goal of 100% electric vehicles by 2030 and the Indian oil majors plan to help the country achieve it by contributing a certain amount of investment in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing companies. The Indian Oil Corporation, a leading national oil producer, has a number of research and trials going on. The success of these trials is going to decide its investment in ...

06-Jun-2017 | Technology

Samsung’s Bixby to Propel the Global Artificial Intelligence Market

The South Korean tech giant Samsung has all set to launch its personal artificial intelligence assistant. Bixby is what the company has named this virtual assistant. The launch of Bixby will prove a tough competition to the global players that are leading the market. These players include Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. The Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Si ...