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12-Oct-2017 | Consumer Goods & Retailing

Low-Cost Cigarettes Have Positioned Indonesia Top In Global Cigarette Market

Indonesia is the second biggest cigarette market globally. The reason behind this is the production of low-cost products. The increasing taxes has elevated the rates of the cigarettes by high margin owing to which smokers who are cost conscious have shifted their preference from premium brands to low-cost brands. This shift of inclination has severely affected the sales of Philip Morris Interna ...

12-Oct-2017 | Electronic Device

Rise in Wind Energy Consumption to Spur the Wind Turbine Monitoring Devices Market

Condition monitoring is a device that observes the health of the turbine components and linked electrical systems. It assists the wind farm operators and owners by prophesying maintenance problems, which aids in substitution of components only when required. The monitoring system for wind turbine components allow the early revealing of component weakening using parameters, such as temperature a ...

09-Oct-2017 | Electrical

Is App Addiction A Boon Or Bane For The Indian Mobile App Market?

Looks like the Indians have a huge role to play in benefiting the Indian mobile app market. According to a study, the Indians spend most of their day just staring at the different apps. On a worldwide analysis basis, the Indians are considered to be big time app addicts. There are individuals who spend about 2.5 Hours on an app too. However, it is just a statistical data that has been analyzed ...

09-Oct-2017 | Pharmaceuticals

TVS Logistics’ $1 Billion Aim to Spur the Growth of The Logistics Market

Optimistic by the prospects post implementation of GST, the Indian multinational 3PL logistics service provider, TVS Logistics Services, functions in almost 14 nations around the globe. The company has declared its insistent growth and aiming revenue of $1 Billion in the coming 3 Years from the Indian market.

03-Oct-2017 | Electronic Device

Smartphone Market to Witness a Boost This Festive Season

The leading 2 Indian e-commerce companies will battle it out over handsets this season of festival with leader Flipkart aiming 4x the sale posted by the rivalry and Amazon planning to cross its yearly rate of growth of over 100% in this segment during its sale that will last for a month. This will boost the global smartphone market in India.

03-Oct-2017 | Technology

Road Infrastructure Market to Augment in Japan Owing To Government Policies

Japan is known for its efficient infrastructural construction within planned time and limited cost. It is counted among the countries that have well-organized highways and roads; also, it has taken immense initiatives in Africa for road infrastructural development. This has opened up several opportunities for the growth of the road infrastructure market.

25-Sep-2017 | Aircraft

Facebook’s AI Bots Own Language to Scrutinize the Global Artificial Intelligence Market

Artificial intelligence technology is a sector that is currently being widely explored by the researchers from across the globe. Recently, a group of researchers has been able to point out that the bots programmed using the artificial intelligence technology have the capability to go off the script as well as think on their own.

25-Sep-2017 | Technology

Gearing Up E-Commerce Companies for Festive Season Sale to spur the Growth of Market

The duration between August to September is considered as a festive season in India, as the majority of big bash festival fall in these months. And to tap the majority of the demand the firms are furiously working on strategies and gearing up to roll out their exclusive offers.
It is expected that the sale will fetch revenue of Rs 25,600 Crore ($4 Billion). The festive sale is attributed ...

21-Sep-2017 | Electronic Device

Portronics Sound Bun To Power Global Wireless Speaker Market In India

Portronics, the home-grown technology peripherals manufacturer, has rolled out Sound Bun speaker having a price tag of Rs 1,999. Having a dimension of only 102 mm x 102 mm x 40 mm, the 6W speaker arrives with Bluetooth 4.1. The new speaker has a weight as less as 128 Grams and it contains a built-in microphone. The launch of this new speaker is certain to boost the global wireless speaker marke ...

21-Sep-2017 | Manufacturing & Construction

Prime Focus on Smes Will Help the Manufacturing Industry to Spur

The big manufacturing units in India are majorly depended on the SME’s for supplementary tools and products support. Anand Mahindra, business leader believes that emphasizing on the SMEs will drive the next wave of development in the manufacturing industry.