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18-Jul-2016 | Others

9% refugees hosted by worlds wealthiest countries: Report

LONDON: A report issued on Monday revels, the world's six wealthiest countries holds less than 9 per cent of the world's refugees.

15-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverage

World’s famous and one of the biggest Pizza brands Dominos launches its Burger in India this week

Dominos has announced the launch of new addition to their food arsenal named ‘Burger Pizza’ which ‘looks like burger and taste like pizza’ as promoted by them.

15-Jul-2016 | Electronic Device

With ‘Polaroid swing’ world is getting a new photo app

The Polaroid has launched a new photo app with which user can take a moving picture. This is a new step in the mobile photography sector.

14-Jul-2016 | Others

David Cameron exits with line: “I was the future once.”

In central London on Wednesday Britain's outgoing Prime Minister, David Cameron waves in front of number 10 Downing Street, on his last day in office as Prime Minister.

14-Jul-2016 | Others

Obama at Dallas memorial all for unity

An American President Barack Obama is desperately doing something great for all races and call for unity to understand need of the world as he was taking on an emotional memorial for five slain policemen in Dallas on Tuesday.

12-Jul-2016 | Food & Beverage

Impact of wine on global market

People love to eat and drink tasty food and beverages. Wine is among them. Human being has been a fan of this brew since centuries now.

12-Jul-2016 | Entertainment

Film industry has been a vibrant contributor to the economy and it continues to be so

Just like people spend on food in restaurants or tea or cold drinks on daily basis, almost every person of the global population especially developed countries and developing countries like India go to the movie at least once in a month on an average.

12-Jul-2016 | Technology

What is better in both facebook and twitter

facebook and twitter is the most used social media across worldwide. These are most popular social media among people for years now. Both platforms are use to communicate, consume new, interact and many more.

12-Jul-2016 | Business Services & Administration

Center has invested 658cr for Delhi's five big projects

New Delhi: The central urban development ministry has invested Rs 658 crore for five major infrastructure projects in Delhi aimed at to unclogging key stretches in Delhi.  Amongst five four are new projects.

11-Jul-2016 | Chemicals & Materials

Increasing importance of agricultural enzymes is enabling farmers to cater growing demands

Enzymes help soil to preserve and increase its health and nurturing value. These are important for growth of farm produce like fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals and etc.