Rising Number of Traumas and Accidents To Spur The Bone Growth Stimulator Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: QY Market Research | Machinery and Tools

The human body tries to fix the bone fracture naturally by fusing together the 2 broken bones. For this, the low-level electric field is generated by the human body to boost the natural remedial process. However, the case is different for few of them, wherein the body is not capable of effectively fusing together the broken bones. In these instances, fractures are not repaired for extended durations, or at times not repaired at all. This is where the bone growth simulator comes into the picture. They act as a treatment for such individuals. It is a method developed for individuals who are at danger of failed spinal injuries and fusing of fractured bones.

The rising number of accident and trauma cases is deemed as one of the major factor likely to impel the demand for such products and, in turn, spur the growth of bone growth stimulator market. A bone growth simulator is rooted at the place where bone fusion is needed. There, it produces small electric signals, analogous to that produced by the human body. This boosts the process of fusion, without causing any unsettling sensation or pain to the individual.

There are bone growth simulators that are given externally, for which surgery is not needed. These tools can be put on the body regions where faster bone fusion is needed. With the enhancing global economy, there is a rise in the personal disposable income as well. Thus, individuals are expending more on healthcare. Additionally, the government is also contributing to healthcare across the world.

Apart from this, the rising aging population, fast lifestyle, inclination toward non-surgical alternatives as treatment, and growing target patient population (comprising prevalence of diabetes and obesity) are contributing significantly to the Growth of the Bone simulator market.

Innovation in several other alternative technologies, such as bone graft, can have a negative impact on the growth of the market. The tools are costly in comparison to few of the other similar techniques. Moreover, the gap between demand & supply, the accessibility of alternatives, the vagueness about the product’s effectiveness are some of the factors that can hamper the growth of bone growth simulator market.