Increasing Range Of Applications to Burgeon the Yeast Market

Posted on: Nov-2017 | By: QY Market Research | Food & Beverage

Yeasts are single-celled, eukaryotic, and among the most versatile micro organisms. Invented hundreds of years ago, at present, there are 1500 recognized species of the yeast population. The sorts of yeast include brewers, bakers, feed, wine, bio-ethanol yeast, lactic yeast, and others such as nutritional yeast, and so on. The use of yeast can also be sub-segmented into feed, food, and others such as industrial, pharmaceutical, and so on.

The use of yeast in the food industry includes alcoholic beverages, bakery products, prepared food products, non-alcoholic beverages, and others such as savory, dairy products, and so on. Yeast is obtainable in several forms such as instant, fresh, dry yeast, and others such as rapid rise yeast, bread machine, and so on. Thus, the broad range of applications and availability of yeast are the major factors contributing to the growth of the yeast market.

The valuable physiological characteristics of yeast have resulted in their amplified usage in the science of biotechnology. Sugar fermentation by yeast is the oldest and biggest application of this technology. Furthermore, the increasing demand for bakery products, high-quality animal feed, and the rising consumption of alcoholic beverage are projected to drive the growth of the yeast market.

Also, the rising approval for bio-ethanol as a substitute fuel as well in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is expected to positively influence the growth of the market. Additionally, the high request for convenience food and ready-to-eat food items is anticipated to boost the market growth globally. Even the rising alertness about the yeast’s nutritional value and its consequent health benefits offer itself as a prospect for the market growth.

The key market players are constantly involving themselves in R&D to attain product development and amplify the application scope in food additives and ingredients. The huge R&D spending and innovation potentials together with good consumer relations are anticipated to offer avenues for market growth.

However, the increasing struggle for the basic raw material is one of the key obstacles to the market growth. Nevertheless, the yeast market will have vast opportunity from substituting molasses with filtered dates that are extracts for yeast production and from increasing concerns over the usage of synthetic flavor enhancer.